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About us

About us

Telefono Sicuro, part of Secure Group, is the global leader in mobile secure encrypted communications. Our mission is to protect the privacy of our clients, by providing solutions for secure communications. We are based in Tbilisi, Georgia, while our R&D center is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We employ the best talents for designing and developing state of the art encrypted communication solutions for individuals and enterprises.

Our infrastructure

What Makes Us Stand Out

Private, Fast, Always-on Network

Ownership and control for highly available services

Secure Group’s infrastructure is at the heart of Telefono Sicuro’s services. Without it, the Secure Phone wouldn’t work, and your information would not be safe. In other words, our infrastructure makes your secure communication reliable and possible.

Our strategy regarding infrastructure is consistent from day one – ownership and control for reliable and secure services. Not only in terms of physical components, but the entire process of management as well. This approach allows us to diminish the role of third-parties and set the company’s infrastructure so that it can scale infinitely, never crash, and move information at high speed over our fiber optic connection ring.

  • High Availability
  • Infinitely Scalable
  • 20 Gbps Optic Fiber Connection
  • No Data Retention
  • Mobile Operator
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Virtualization
  • Operating System
  • Middleware
  • Runtime
  • Data
  • Applications
  • Mobile Operator
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Virtualization
  • Operating System
  • Middleware
  • Runtime
  • Data
  • Applications

STEP 1 – The Journey Starts with Your Request

Secure from the Start

As a user of Secure Phone you expect to hit the “Send” button and your request (message) to land securely in the mailbox of the intended recipient. However, before your request reaches its final destination, it goes on a journey connected to a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Work involving people, technology, and processes to secure the travel of your information to our servers.

We designed an ecosystem that eliminates all weak points and closes all backdoors to deliver the safe flow of users’ information; from the company’s custom encrypted device, Secure Phone, encrypted apps, secured network traffic, to being your data provider with the Secure SIM card.

  • Multi-IMSI for the best connectivity
  • Unlimited data anywhere you go
  • No roaming or other fees

End-to-End Encrypted Communication

Your communication is end-to-end encrypted with the PGP, OTR, and ZRTP encryption protocols from the first action you take. This means that even if a third party intercepts your email, chat message or call, it will be incomprehensible.


AES-128 bit

Custom Recovery
Highly tuned kernel
Mandatory Encryption

STEP 2 - Your Request Meets Our Inspection
Advanced Security Network Operations Center

DDoS Attacks Protection

A Distributed Denial of Service attack, or DDoS attack, floods a network and servers so that they cannot process legitimate traffic. In such attacks, intruders try to saturate the network connectivity of the target and deny access for legitimate users. To fight DDoS, Secure Group doesn’t rely solely on its enterprise-grade firewall but has partnered with a mitigation provider that has a network with 3 terabits per second of scrubbing capacity, and a network of data centers that deliver minimal latency of 50 milliseconds.

Your request needs to pass the inspection of Secure Group’s multi-tier Advanced Security Network Operations Center (ASNOC) before it proceeds. At the ASNOC, we rely on a combination of processes, technology, and people to assess threats in real-time. Secure Group’s experts share intelligence and resources to perform security device monitoring and alerting. Also, at the ASNOC we have capabilities for advanced threat detection and real-time incident response, containment, and remediation.

Start to Finish Security Operations

Secure Group fights security incidents and potential breaches by covering the whole threat lifecycle, all the way from initial detection to final resolution.

  • Real-time incident response, breach containment and remediation
  • Low detection-to-cleanup time with retrospective security
  • Enterprise firewall & quality of service (QoS) functionalities for smarter and deeper inspection
  • No process latency
  • 3 Tbps
    Scrubbing Capacity
  • 50 Ms
    Minimal Latency
  • 24/7
    Continuous Scanning

STEP 3 – Your Request Reaches Our Servers

Secure, Scalable and Highly Available Servers

Controlled Server Access

Secure Group’s experts use token-based authentication to log to the servers. This method offers an additional layer of security to the username/password one. It is much like when you want to send a money transfer, but in addition to your password, you need to provide one more authentication method.

Everything connected to Secure Group’s servers happens with security in mind. Secure Group organized its server structure in a way that allows infinite scalability and high availability, which in return delivers seamless user experience. All traffic inside the network flows through the company’s encrypted fiber-optic ring and touches only encrypted hard drives and storage

BGP Connection Redundancy

Secure Group’s network is always-on thanks to the redundant uplinks over the BGP4 protocol. We have implemented BGP multihoming to different carriers, which allows us to connect to a new Internet provider everytime the service goes down.

Encrypted Fiber Connectivity

Secure Group’s servers and data centers connect to the Internet via a private fiber optic connection ring directly through tier 1 providers.
  • Encrypted multiple hard drives
  • Expandable storage
  • Cluster organization
  • Redundant power supply

Our servers are arranged in cluster formation to guarantee never-failing performance. This organization allows our machines to create hot redundancy i.e. multiple servers with the same function (mail, for example) mirror each other and distribute the workload among themselves. Also, we ensure high availability with multiple hard drives and infinitely scalable storage area.

  • Modular approach
  • Add servers on demand
  • Multiple data centers
  • Predictive analysis

Our modular approach allows the company experts to add servers and insert more blades with storage on demand for higher performance. Moreover, we avoid service and network failures by employing 24/7 prediction analysis and maintaining three data centers.

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Secure Mail
  • Secure Voice
  • Secure Chat

Our dedicated email, chat and voice servers can handle a considerable amount of traffic for a high delivery rate, as well as provide an always-on availability of the company services.

Our Data Centers

Multiple Secure Data Centers

Secure Group has three data centers. To enhance security, all locations feature a Building Management System (BMS), access control with RFID cards, radio security, 24/7 video surveillance and on-site security.
Moreover, to make Secure Group’s services reliable and accessible at all times, the physical locations feature a class A main electrical feed with 3,4 MW backup generators and cooling Modules N+1 Redundant Chillers.

Undisclosed Locations

As a company dedicated to securing the communications and data of its users, Secure Group must protect its infrastructure and keep the location of the data centers private.
Bulletproof security
  • BMS system for real-time parameters monitoring
  • Class A main electrical feed with 3,4 MW backup generators
  • Cooling Modules N+1 Redundant Chillers