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Secure Phone
Secure SIM
General questions
  • Can I make regular calls with Secure Phone?
    Basically it is possible to allow this option using SAS. But we do not recommend using a Secure Phone device for non-encrypted voice calls. You can use any mobile device for that: why would you need a robust secure solution? Also, you need a regular SIM card with a regular mobile operator: but there are plenty of devices you can use for that. For mobile voice communication, we only recommend Secure Voice because with it voice and video is encrypted. Why would you need to compromise your communication using a regular non-encrypted voice service which can be collected by network operators and agencies? Let them have all this encrypted gibberish data and try to figure it out for themselves, if they can. And we know that it’s extremely hard and too close to impossible to decrypt any data that goes through of our services, not just Secure Voice.
    • Can I send regular SMS?
      No, you can’t. But you can send encrypted text messages via the Secure Chat app.
  • Is there a secure version of iOS?
    No, iOS is not what we would call a secure OS. In fact, that also goes for Android and Windows: we do not trust any of those platforms. They seem to collect too much information and force end users to connect to various tracking services without any significant improvement in user experience. With iOS itself, there is currently no way to introduce the security features we offer the Android distributions. We are considering to bring our services and products on the iOS platform, though.
  • Are your servers rented or owned?
    At Secure Group, we have one rule – never outsource. We are a company with a team of experts behind it. We own our servers and we are the only company on the mobile encryption market that does everything internally. Secure Group owns and controls its whole infrastructure; IP infrastructure, carrier & SIM & connectivity. Also, Secure Group is a domain name registrar.
  • Who has physical access to your servers?
    Secure Group is company that does not believe in outsourcing. In that train of thought, only our trained staff has access to our servers.
  • Are you using dedicated servers or VPS?
    We not only use dedicated machines, but also state-of-the-art hardware, expandable blade system to accommodate capacity, and SAN storage that can be expanded to several petabytes.
  • Do you exclusively use open-source software (on both your servers and phones) and where can it be reviewed?
    Naturally, we use the best and most reliable software. But to elaborate, the answer to the above question is in two parts. Firstly, for maintaining our server structure we use commercially supported, well-known brands such as Microsoft Exchange, Supermicro, VMware, Mikrotik, etc. Then, for our products and solutions – everything is coded by our team of security experts. We use open-source encryption protocols such as PGP for Secure Email, OTR for Secure Chat, and ZRTP for Secure Voice. Our source code is open for review at our office. Or you can request it here
  • How are your gateway servers protected?
    Our gateway servers enjoy multilayered protection. We use logical isolation, firewall filters, ACLs, and DDoS mitigation protection in excess of 1 terabyte of bandwidth. Moreover, we run our own BGP network for extra control and absolute security.
  • Do you keep any logs which would allow you to match an IP address and a time stamp to a user?
    No, we cannot match an IP address and a time stamp to a user. In general, we do not need to keep any information.
  • How is communication between servers secured?
    The communication between our servers travels via a VPN tunnel, and no unencrypted traffic ever leaves our infrastructure.
  • Please give me honest insight on what can be accessed from a phone that is confiscated and still powered on?
    The short answer is “nothing.” Secure Group’s encrypted device for mobile communication, Secure Phone, employs 360-degree protection. Secure Phone is protected even against the craftiest of intruders. It comes with an encrypted hard drive and if you brute-force the login page, the phone will wipe. Also, if you try to do a chip off, the phone storage is wiped.
  • In which jurisdiction does your company operate and under what exact circumstances will you share the information you hold with a third party?
    Secure Group operates in jurisdictions that we don't disclose to the public. Those jurisdictions are chosen based on their privacy laws. We only share the information we hold if served with a valid court order; the information we hold, however, is of very little or no use to anyone.
  • What tools are used to monitor and mitigate abuse?
    To mitigate and monitor abuse, we use industry leading anti-spam software, DDoS protection, 24/7 log monitoring, firewall and intrusion protection, and we practice access control to our servers and offices.
  • What steps are taken when a valid court order requires your company to identify an active user of your service?
    Secure Group puts first and foremost the security and privacy of its users and partners. We respect and follow the law, and we will review and discuss any valid court order. However, we keep very little information about our users, which does not allow for great collaborations in such circumstances.
FAQs on Secure Phone
  • What is Secure Phone?
    Secure Phone is a robust smartphone platform which delivers encrypted communications on a whole new level. Provided by Secure Group, the Secure Phone reflects our own concepts about your security and privacy; and ultimately delivers anything you would ever expect from a smart mobile device.
    • What are the Secure Phone devices?
      Secure Phone devices are normal looking phones reprogrammed with our own proprietary Operating System, Secure OS. The devices we use are 2: LG Nexus 5 HTC M8 We have chosen these devices because of their particular internal architecture.
  • What is Secure OS?
    Secure Phone runs our proprietary OS, Secure OS. So, as with e.g. Samsung devices running Android; or iPhone devices running iOS, Secure Phone uses our Secure OS, which looks and feel like Android, but with all (and we do mean all) potentially risky services blocked. No tracking, no uncontrolled syncing or updating, no social services, no push notifications, no playstore, we stripped down all Android services that are a possible threat; and compiled a robust and complete system to serve all needs a smartphone user might have.
  • What are the apps on a Secure Phone?
    Secure Phone boasts everything a smartphone has to offer. Of course, you can install other Android apps, like games, social networks; however we cannot guarantee what information these services collect and disclose. This is why we also cut off all Google services, including all bloatware usually coming with different Android distributions. But we did not want to leave you with a limited functionality device. That’s why we developed many apps with privacy and security in our mind. Let’s start off with a basic list of apps installed on Secure Phone: Secure Email - PGP encrypted email Secure Chat - OTR encrypted text messages Secure Voice - ZRTP encrypted voice and video calls Secure Note – encrypted notepad Secure Pass – enhanced password management app Secure Folder – allows safe file transfer to/from a PC Secure Backup – advanced backup app Secure Wipe – a quick-release wipe app Secure Firewall – allows you to monitor inbound and outbound connections IMSI Catcher Detector – allows detecting IMSI catcher intrusion Other apps include File Explorer, Policy Manager, Calculator, Camera, Photo Gallery, Flashlight, etc.
FAQs on the SIM card
  • What is Secure SIM card?
    This is a special and anonymous SIM card. It features worldwide mobile data coverage at fantastic prices. Using this SIM card is optional. Note: The Secure SIM card does not come with any voice minutes. While it is possible to use the Secure Phone as a regular device, we do not recommend it at all: we do not know what mobile networks collect from your conversation: this is why we recommend to use Secure Voice for all voice and video calls.
  • Why do I need a Secure SIM?
    We realize that our customers are not always well aware of all security vulnerabilities conventional mobile telephony may provide. Secure Group is after all a service provider and offering encrypted mobile communications without an option for a SIM card is not the level of “completeness” and competitiveness we wish to achieve.
  • Can I use a random SIM Card inside the Secure Phone?
    Yes. But the Secure SIM card addresses the various vulnerabilities a typical SIM card with your conventional mobile carrier would have.
    • Why is Secure SIM better than the SIM with my mobile operator?
      The reason is SIMple: voice calls with regular SIM cards are not encrypted. Let’s rephrase: your minutes with your cell phone company are *not* for encrypted calls. On the contrary: they are for non-encrypted calls only.
  • Does Secure SIM offer voice minutes?
    No, the Secure SIM card does not offer voice minutes. These are not safe and we do not recommend compromising your privacy on those. Secure SIM only offers global data connectivity at great prices. In this way you can talk encrypted; using Secure Voice.
  • So Secure SIM cards comes with an unlimited global data plan?
    Yes, this is exactly the case. You will have a global coverage in more than 150 countries at a flat monthly rate. And what’s really cool is that we offer some of the best prices one could ever find.
    • Really? You mean it is actually cheap to have a Secure SIM?
      It depends: for frequent travelers, the Secure SIM card may turn out a great benefit. Actually, especially if you are flying to some of the less popular destinations, the Secure SIM can save you quite some cash. However, if you stick with domestic travels mostly, the Secure SIM might not be much of a bargain. Again, we do not really attempt to buy you away from your mobile carrier; and we probably don’t stand any chance in succeeding. We offer Secure SIM for the sake of completing our services with data connectivity on a global level; and not compete at all with mobile carriers.