The Secure Administration System (SAS) is a mobile device managements platform delivering control of your device to your fingertips.

secure Administration System (SAS)

Set policies for your device, OS, apps, and features

If you really mean to protect your data, business and personal life, you need to be able to control your entire mobile experience and communication. This is why we have developed the Secure Administration System (SAS) – an advanced mobile device management (MDM) service designed exclusively for Secure Phone.

The system provides powerful control over every detail of Secure Phone – accounts, device features, OS version and updates, available and blacklisted apps, and even individual app features.

key feautures
Our Secure Administration System (SAS) ensures that you are in control of your Secure Phone, and any other devices under your care. Our simple interface takes minutes to learn, but provides all the robust features you could need.
  • User-Friendly Interface

    SAS has a highly intuitive, responsive interface that leaves little to guessing.

  • Account Management

    As a powerful remote management hub, SAS is all about fine tuning the settings of every Secure Phone account.

  • Device Policy Management

    Go as deep as the Linux kernel to ban or allow the device features of Secure Phone – USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location, drivers, camera, etc.

  • OS Policy Management

    OS policies are an effective way to control which Secure Phone accounts must get the latest Secure OS edition and which need to stay with a specific version.

  • App Policy Management

    Make specific apps available or blacklisted to individual Secure Phone accounts or groups.

  • Software Policy Management

    Not only can you determine which apps are available, you can also switch on and off specific app features from SAS.