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Secure phone

SECURE PHONEyou’re in control

Secure Phone is an encrypted communication mobile device with a proprietary OS. It is customized on every level to put you in charge of your mobile security. Together with our propriety MDM system and custom apps, it is a perfect protector of your privacy.

End-to-end encryption

Encryption is like wearing protective equipment all the time. It prevents third parties from accessing your data while it travels from you to the intended recipient and vice versa.

Remote control

With Secure Phone you are in total control of your mobile security. Managed by the Secure Administration System (SAS), you decide what to have on it and what not.

Storage & data protection

Secure Phone protects your data from the start with separate passwords for storage encryption and screen lock. What is more, it offers 10+ ways to wipe your device.

our applications, your privacy
  • Secure Email

    Send and receive PGP encrypted emails

  • Secure Chat

    Encrypted chat using the OTR protocol

  • Secure Voice

    Encrypted voice and video calls using the ZRTP protocol

  • Secure Note

    A password-protected encrypted notepad

  • Secure Wall

    Enterprise firewall on a mobile device

  • Secure Pass

    Encrypted passwords keeper

  • Secure Backup

    Encrypted backup of apps, files, contacts, and settings

  • Secure Folder

    An encrypted container for file storage

  • IMSI-Catcher Detector

    Locates fake cell towers

  • Secure Wipe

    Erase your data and restore your device to factory settings

  • Policy manager

    Full control of your device settings

Custom Core, Secure Communications
  • Application framework

    We modified the phone’s original application framework to allow greater control via SAS and prevent data leaks.

  • Bootloader

    We opened the bootloader, pushed our Secure OS and turned the key so that the next person who tries to open it wipes the device.

  • Libraries

    In Secure Phone, we removed Android libraries and installed better, securer ones.

  • Partition Validation

    Secure Phone’s custom partition validation scans each of the phone’s partitions and ensures they are not infected with malware.

  • Recovery

    Secure Phone features an upgraded recovery, because we needed to enhance the functionality of the one regular Androids come with.

  • Content Provider

    The custom content provider makes sure that no third-party apps silently collect data from other apps on Secure Phone.

  • remore control
    Remote Control

    Secure Phone and the Secure Administration System (SAS) are inseparable. SAS is a mobile device management solution for total control of Secure Phone. It gives you choices and lets you regulate pretty much everything on the device. SAS closes the gap between a cool secure device and the need of organizations for secure mobile communications.

    Mobile secure regulation
    Manage devices hardware, OS, apps and accounts
    Remotely wipe Secure Phone in case of danger
    Control more than one device
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